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My story

I live in beautiful northern NSW with my three miniature horses. My passions in life have lead me to establish my two businesses, The Clay Table and The Food at My Table.


I am also passionate about sustainable living, so when I'm not busy in the ceramic studio or cooking up a delicious gluten-free storm, I enjoy spending time with my human and animal friends, sewing, drawing or working in the garden, growing food and flowers.


I also love music, playing fiddle and concertina, and am currently playing in a band called Mountain Road.


I have previously worked as an artist in mixed media, fine drawing and printmaking but eventually, I fell in love with clay.


Learn more about my ceramics


Due to health reasons, I had to adjust my diet but I still wanted food to be tasty and fun.


This led to the creation of my first recipe book, The Food at My Table, Sweets.

Learn more about THE FOOD AT MY TABLE here.

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