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A series of recipe books based on gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free eating, by Alyssia Fraser.

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The Food at my Table: SWEETS

The first in 'The Food at My Table' series is a collection of sweet recipes that are the result of finding creative substitutes for commonly used ingredients.

Gluten, dairy and soy free, you will find recipes from cakes and biscuits, to chocolates, fudges and home-made ice cream.

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The Food at My Table: Sweets is available at various retail outlets or you can buy a signed copy using the PayPal link below.

My recipe book The Food at my Table: Sweets grew from a need for low allergy foods.

After becoming chronically ill, I found that eliminating inflammatory foods from my diet such as gluten, dairy, sugar and soy improved my health dramatically. However, this led to very bland meals so I searched for new recipes and substituted some of the ingredients with ones that I could eat.

I then decided to record these recipes so other people with similar dietary restrictions could benefit from them. So just as the title of this book suggests, here are the recipes from The Food at My Table.

They are simple and tasty, leaving you feeling satisfied and comfortable. Even if you are not intolerant to gluten or dairy, I promise you will enjoy these recipes.


“My favourite, most used book! Simply love family loves the fudge, it got them off store bought chocolate! Thank you for writing it. It is helping me change the way I see food at my table.”


“Never thought I'd enjoy sweet treats like this again. Thank you for sharing your discoveries”

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